"I appreciate you taking my cases wholeheartedly, for being such an amazing person and being a damn good attorney!! You just changed many lives for the better"

-KB (Client)

"The first time I met Gena Wagner I knew I had come to the right place. Her knowledge, confidence and compassion immediately put me at ease and for the first time, I felt as if I finally had someone in my corner who understood what I was going through. I have recommended her to other women in my same situation and will continue to recommend her as often as I can."


"It was at the Final Hearing when I knew that I could not have made a better choice when it came to hiring an attorney. She was extraordinarily well prepared and helped me prepare as well. And when the Final Judgment finally came, I could not have asked for better results. If you hire Gena Fournier, you will have an attorney you can trust to be on your side and fight for the best possible results."


I hired Gena and am so thankful for the diligent work and attention to detail with my case. She had a great team who saw probably the worst of me, but every day showed up for me. If you have to go to Gena, you are probably already in one of the most difficult situations in your life. She knows this and takes a vested interest in you, your case, and the outcome. Gena the law and has an incredible reputation. I always said, I loved seeing her team, but I hope I never see them again. They are so good, that came to fruition.


Hire them!

Gena, and everyone at Fournier law are outstanding! Both, Gena and her mother Patty helped me through one of the toughest family law cases. I went from being an every other weekend dad, and now I am the custodial parent. Because of Fournier Law, I was able to relocate my daughter out-of-state to attend a specialized school for her needs. Gena, listens to you, she advocates for you, and she puts her best-case forward. If you're in the process of hiring an attorney, you probably already feel defeated and scared. Hire Fournier Law. Hire Gena. They care about their clients and they know how to win.


Blessing from god!

My divorce/ custody case took 2 long years and if it wasn’t for Gena Fournier as my attorney I don’t know how I would of got threw it. She worked non stop countless hours on my case for my children and I. Iv never seen attorney like her she truly cares for her clients and will never give up on you. She becomes Family and will treat you like family. I could go on and on how amazing she is and how hiring her would be the best decision you could make! I wouldn’t be were I’m at if it wasn’t for her and I’m so blessed to of been able to have her fight for my children and I! Seriously don’t look any further pick Gena for your case she’s in my book the best attorney in Florida and you won’t regret it once!❤️


Great firm

Gena, Patty, and their team at Fournier Law are all extremely thorough and professional. I had a complicated divorce and custody situation that Gena and crew were able to navigate and obtain the best possible results.



When I needed an attorney to handle my complicated and unique divorce and custody case, I met with several attorneys here in Tallahassee. Gena Fournier was the only one whom I felt would focus on my son's best interests.

Getting to the Final Hearing and Judgment was a long and challenging process (non-compliance from my son's father and his attorney ). There were several hearings and depositions along the way - and I felt that she did a great job working for my son's interests (and mine) throughout.

However, it was at the Final Hearing when I knew that I could not have made a better choice when it came to hiring an attorney. She was extraordinarily well prepared and helped me prepare as well. And when the Final Judgment finally came, I could not have asked for better results.

If you are in need of a divorce attorney, you will be going through a very difficult time. It might be a time when it will be difficult to trust anyone or to hope that things will turn out okay. But if you hire Gena Fournier, you will have an attorney you can trust to be on your side and fight for the best possible results.



Attorney Fournier represented a member of my family. I was present during attorney/client conferences and court hearings. Having been in law enforcement, I have dealt with a lot of attorneys. I can state without reservation that Attorney Fournier is one of the best attorneys I have ever come across. She was always well prepared, gave sound advice, an is incredibly adept at getting essential points across to judges. As a result, she was victorious on behalf of her client. Her level of skill, dedication to bringing about justice, and her compassion for her client is beyond excellent.


Excellent attention to detail and very client centered.

We had a convoluted 35 year old case that she was able to untangle and be successful in solving.


Family law in general is extraordinarily hard. Needing a family law attorney, means you need an attorney that will protect your most prized possession, your child. Richelle is that attorney! Without getting into the specifics of my case, it was a hard one. Fathers tend to feel like they have one arm tied behind their back, in the family courtroom. Not with Richelle. Richelle won me and my daughter a new life. I went from being an every other weekend, dad to the custodial parent, and I was also allowed to relocate my daughter out-of-state to attend a specialized school for her needs. A two-year litigation case turned into the biggest victory not only for my life but for my daughter's life. Richelle saved my child. During the duration of my case, Richelle never lost sight of the end goal, never stopped advocating for me, and always made me feel heard, understood, and cared about. I wish someone would have told me a long time ago, my rights as a father matter, and with the right help (RICHELLE), my voice can be heard and change can be made. Aside from Richelle being the best advocate in the state of Florida, she also has a brilliant legal mind! I was facing a barbarian for an opposing party and at every turn, Richelle had them outgunned with her litigation tactics and case planning. Richelle is a warrior. Hiring an attorney is an intimating process. They use a lot of lingo and words, most civilians don't understand and you're forced to simply "trust them". You can trust Richelle, and by doing so, you hired the best attorney for your case.


Richelle helped me with a child custody dispute, and boy did I make the right decision in retaining her. She is a bulldog. She always had my best interest at heart, and did not back down. The end result was that I got everything that I had asked for. She did not concede a single thing. If you need a strong, dedicated, and extremely competent attorney then Richelle is your woman. I highly recommend her.


If you want peace of mind and a person who will go the extra mile; Richelle is the one you want on your team. Richelle is truly amazing, prompt, and professional. Her military and martial arts backgrounds keeps her focused and level headed under pressure. I sought her assistance in a custody dispute and immediately she put me at ease during the initial consultation process and then throughout the case. She always knew what step needed to be made next. Throughout the process, Richelle and her team kept me informed and updated. The rationale she used was always based upon her professionalism and being an officer of the court. Her extensive knowledge and experience of the appellate process was also comforting as she ensures all facets are covered. In the event there is a need for an appeal; the necessary documentation is already cited and in the things Richelle generates prior to submission to the judge. Richelle and her team made my family their family and helped us during a very trying time. I plan on going back to Richelle for anything in Family Law if needed in the future!


Richelle and her team guided me through the process of petitioning for and securing temporary domestic violence injunction against my ex spouse. She was sympathetic about my hesitancy to testify at a public court hearing about traumatic events related to the temporary injunction. As such, she negotiated effectively to reach a compromise with the other party; this solution allowed us to avoid a public hearing while still ensuring my continued sense of safety. Throughout this difficult process Richelle was prompt and professional. Moreover, she treated me with kindness and support. I would recommend her services to anyone whose divorce is complicated by issues of domestic violence.


Ms. Marsico provided excellent legal representation to my widowed Mother in need of a Power of Attorney to be established and other necessary legal documents. Ms. Marsico was simply amazing in her process and explaining very clearly to my Mother what each and every step we took meant. She is professional, intelligent, proficient, polite, kind and extremely skilled as an attorney. My Mother and I could not be happier with her expertise and guidance and will recommend her to everyone.


We contacted Richelle about doing our will because we knew her from Burke’s Karate dojo, where we saw in action her perfectionism and caring approach as an instructor. We are completely satisfied with her work for us. She was very knowledgeable and able to explain complicated legal issues in an easy to understand way. She was very generous with her time. We never felt rushed when asking questions and making decisions. She also was quick to respond when contacted. Although we didn’t contact Richelle with a contentious issue, we have a feeling she is as fierce a competitor in the courtroom as she is in the dojo.


Richelle Marsico is brilliant! Combining her brilliance, knowledge, expertise, and compassion, Ms. Marsico IS the attorney one needs for representation in family law. The "over and beyond the call of duty" and careful attention to detail she delivers is quite significant in challenging cases such as mine. Ms. Marsico was referred to me by another family law attorney who was not able to take on my difficult contested divorce and marriage dissolution case. From the 'get go', Ms. Marsico and her talented staff brought great comfort, piece of mind, and assurance to me they would not disappoint, as I felt like a little David going against the very powerful giant Goliath! Ms. Marsico listened to my needs and concerns, combed through law, and ethically accomplished what was needed to prevail. She delivered with integrity and in an aggressive and professional way. She has earned the term of endearment and nickname "The Bull Dog". I highly recommend Richelle Marsico as a family law attorney. Her character, ethics, and integrity coupled with her expertise in the field, is a winning combination.


I had the opportunity to call upon Ms. Marsico for legal representation on several occasions. I knew I was in very good hands with Richelle. Many things impressed me in how she represented my company in a lawsuit - first and foremost is her commitment to me as a client and her determination to deliver the very best possible outcome - I don't think I have ever met a more determined person and I was always glad she was on my side and not against me. A lawsuit is a stressful thing for most people and I really valued how approachable and supportive Richelle is. She was available to me, listened to and addressed my concerns and communicated with me clearly, thoroughly and in a way that made me feel like we were working together. I found her to be exceptionally knowledgeable and prepared, and she did an excellent job in working with opposing counsel to achieve the most favorable outcome for us.
Additionally, our company is a large multi-family management company and Richelle often handled related legal work for us. But what was truly impressive is Richelle took her own time to develop and conduct training sessions for our employees (and the employees of other companies in the same industry) geared toward avoiding the situations that present the need for legal counsel. This is perfect example of the extent to which she goes the extra mile and one of the many reason I whole-heartedly recommend her.


When my ex left I was by myself. Richelle was my only support. Her knowledge and experience gave me confidence that everything would be fine. She is intelligent, hardworking and she is very good at translating legal language and explaining complicated terms. Thank you, Richelle for representing me in my divorce. It was a pleasure working with you.


Very very nice family , they have helped me out tremendously , with there law firm going through my divorce , the family law firm was there with me to the end, May God keep blessing the Fournier law Firm.

-Mr. Rahming

Where to even begin….In what has been the most difficult time in my life, Richelle has been a godsend. There is no one else I’d rather go to battle with other than Richelle. Always incredibly well prepared, she stays a step ahead with her tireless dedication. I feel as if she’s thought out every possible outcome or situation and has a plan to adjust if needed. In a tough situation, it was reassuring to have someone who was actively working for the right outcome, as opposed to simply reacting.

Richelle made me feel as if my case was her most important and only concern. It doesn’t matter the time or day, my emails or calls were always addressed. I can’t express how reassuring it is to see “Richelle” pop up on the phone when I just had to talk with her.

She is brilliant, a bulldog with an appetite for winning , compassionate, and absolutely the one that you want in your corner.

I’ll forever be grateful for what Richelle and her team have done for me .


Wow! What a rock star!

To tell you the truth, the first time I met Richelle, I thought she seemed quiet and reserved. I wondered if she had the fierceness that would be necessary to help my friend fight for her child.

Then I talked to her specifically about this case, and suddenly, I saw the fighter come out! I realized she was like a tiger, crouching, and ready to pounce! She was passionate about the injustice she saw in the situation and seemed to know exactly what legal moves we needed to take. My hope grew.

Then, I saw her in the courtroom. Wow! The tiger pounced! She spoke so confidently to the judge and the other players in the situation, and believe me, they sat up and took notice. I think they suddenly realized my friend could no longer be pushed around by the system. And yet, Richelle did this without ego, and without the need for accolades. She just wanted to get the job done.

Within just weeks after my friend hired her, Richelle did indeed get the case dismissed. She knew what legal moves to make, she ensured that my friend felt confident in those moves, and she directed her as to exactly what steps she needed to take to protect her child and support her case.

What I really appreciated was how patiently she would listen to my friend during the process, bolster her confidence, and make herself and her legal secretary available for any necessary detail—without wasting time or money. She really passionately cared about the situation. She very quickly gave my friend the protection and the direction she needed to turn the situation around.

When hiring a lawyer, it's so important to find the right fit. To find someone who will fight for you. To find someone who will answer your questions and make sure your needs are met without wasting your time or money. Richelle was that person for my friend. I feel confident she will be fighting for many more underdogs over the course of her career, and I bless her for it. Thank you, Richelle. You were a rock star.


Excellence of Representation. Ms Marsico of Fourier Law had a clear understanding of the law, the process, and the appropriate strategy to employ in my case. The results met or exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend considering using her as your legal representative.


Tragedy struck and my family's future looked hopeless and dismal. Then, I heard about a “Bad Ass Attorney Richelle Marsico.” Ms. Marsico knew the law and used it like “sharp swords” to protect my Family Rights. From the Beginning, Richelle treated with me with dignity, compassion and respect. This firm was supportive, safe and respectful in my time of crisis and need of excellent representation. The office staff and administration were always available. They were very kind and patient with me. Ms. Marsico listened to me, she sincerely cared about me and my family. Upfront she told me she likes to “win”. We did win and quicker than anyone had forecasted. With love and compassion, the entire law firm celebrated our victory with us. I will be forever grateful to Richelle Marsico and Fournier Law Firm.


We are eternally grateful for the representation provided to us by Ms. Marsico, her professionalism and dedication to the law was evident in every aspect of how she handled our recent case. We were impressed with her ability to be 'human' in answering our questions and addressing our concerns, and keep us focused with the immediate issues to resolve our needs. We are very happy with the outcome of our case, Ms. Marsico was appropriately aggressive in her representation of our needs, and all parties ultimately got what they wanted. We highly recommend Ms. Marsico to anyone needing legal advice or legal representation, she is what one would consider an ideal when looking for an attorney.

-R.M. & C.M, January 2017

After initial consultation, I immediately hired Ms. Marsico to help represent me. Her honesty and expertise on the issue at hand was extremely obvious. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. Ms. Marsico helped me arrive to a positive outcome concerning my health in a tenant/landlord issue. 100% satisfied with her services and will not hesitate to refer to family and friends.

-M.B., July 2016

What stood out most was during our consult she was very candid, she told me what it would take to get the job done and then said to think about all the attorneys I had spoken with b/c hiring a divorce attorney is a big step. I left that morning meeting and hired her that same afternoon. If you want a lawyer that dots every "i" and crosses every "t", then this is the lawyer for you.

-S.L., June 2016

Ms. Marsico handled a number of legal issues before we sold our multifamily property in Tampa.
Her legal letters to wayward vendors allowed them to save face while their fingers burned. Most came right back to the property to re-do work done wrong or abandoned rather than face her in court.
Richelle also generated solid contracts for the ownership team. She grasps issues immediately - very fast mind. We always felt very well counseled and protected with her advice.
Management staff engaged her firm for evictions services. Our site manager simply supplied Richelle's assistant with tenant files and waited for the inevitable tenant visit to the office with back rent and late fees, or in some cases, their move out allowing us to avoiding further eviction fees - and to turnover that unit to a paying resident. Her recorded judgments often brought in revenues long after deadbeat tenants departed.
Richelle is easy to work with - a tough attorney with soft edges. Her sister told our site manager that Richelle had her karate black belt at age 17! You can still see that self-discipline and confidence in her.
If you want a smart attorney who respects your time and budget, Richelle Marsico is the one.

-T.M, January 2014

Our company used Richelle for several years to manage our real estate litigation and contract disputes. Her work was impeccable, timely, and client focused. I would highly recommend her for any needs you might have.

-L.W, November 2013

Saved the day! Richelle's veteran experience and savvy grasp of family law literally turned my whole case around. She was unrelenting and engaged with our case from the moment we first spoke. We are incredibly happy with Richelle and you will be too. If you have a family law case the best decision you can make is to retain Richelle.