When many people think of what lawyers do, the first thought is of a courtroom. While trial work is an essential part of the legal world, a truly effective lawyer knows that there is value in avoiding litigation and reaching a favorable resolution without the cost and time of going to trial. Mediation is one form of “alternative dispute resolution,” and it provides a way for parties in a legal matter to work out their differences without going to court.  It can take place before or after a lawsuit has been filed, and may be ordered by the court in certain cases. The lawyers of Fournier Law are skilled at both representing clients at mediations and at providing mediation services to others.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has become increasing popular in Florida and across the country because of its benefits for both the courts and to litigants.  This includes:

  • When parties use mediation, it relieves some of the burden on the court system.  
  • Mediation also helps parties in a legal case save time and money.  
  • Mediation often allows everyone involved to reach a better agreement than they could have if the case had been taken to court.  A judge is bound by case law, statutes and regulations, and may not be able to craft a solution that works for both parties.  In a mediation, the parties can work together to reach an agreement that a judge may not have been able to order.

In family law cases, mediation offers the additional advantage of privacy and reduced stress. Litigation is costly and time-consuming. When a family is going through divorce, emotions are typically running high.  Mediation allows the family to work through the process more quickly, alleviating the strain of a prolonged court case.  It also allows the family to come up with a solution that fits the family’s unique circumstances.  The entire process is confidential, and the statements made during the mediation process cannot be used against either party if the case ultimately goes to trial.  Any resolution that is reached will be confidential, which can be particularly beneficial in cases where there may be media interest in the case.  

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Mediation in Florida Family Law Cases

Fournier Law represents clients at mediations involving family law disputes. Mediation in family law cases is mandatory.  We prepare our clients’ cases thoroughly with an eye towards reaching a favorable settlement on behalf of our clients.  As certified Family Law Mediators, we are highly familiar with the mediation process and the way in which disputes are settled.  This gives us a unique advantage in representing clients in mediation. If you are currently involved in a Tallahassee family law matter, contact our law firm to learn more about how we can assist you through all stages of the process, including mediation.  


Mediation Attorneys in North Florida

At Fournier Law, we specialize in family law mediation. Both Patricia and Gena Fournier have been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as Family Law Mediators, and have decades of combined experience in mediating family law disputes. Together, they have successfully mediated a multitude of Florida family law cases. They offer mediation services to help families reach settlements outside of court, saving them time, money and the stress of protected litigation. With reasonable fees and prompt scheduling, Fournier Law is a leading Tallahassee mediation services law firm.