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As Of Counsel to Fournier Law, Ms. Marsico brings fifteen years of family law experience to the firm. Aresident of Florida for thirty years, she relocated from the Washington DC area to serve in the UnitedStates Air Force. Ms. Marsico graduated from the University of Tampa with High Honors and went on tograduate with Honors from Stetson University College of Law in 2002. She has her Masters of Law in Advocacy from Stetson where she graduated in Fall 2018, With Distinction (Honors).

Ms. Marsico has a broad array of experience in the legal profession. She has many years of practice inthe private sector where she has focused on family law, civil litigation and complex commerciallitigation. She also served as Appellate Counsel for the Office of the Public Defender where shehandled direct felony appeals and post-conviction matters.

Ms. Marsico brings a personalized approach to the practice of family law, particularly given the oftenemotionally trying nature of these disputes. In that stead, she diligently serves the clients of FournierLaw at both the trial and appellate levels.