Gena D. Fournier

With nearly twenty years of experience in diverse fields of law, Gena can handle a wide variety of cases for her clients. If you need a seasoned domestic violence or family law attorney, count on her to protect your legal rights.

Amanda P. Wall

Amanda Wall has 31 years of legal experience in litigation including Family law, Civil and Criminal, and was the Administrative Magistrate for the Second Judicial Circuit for six years. She has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 2008.

Ashely Hall

Ashley is most interested in challenging cases and has a desire to help people who may not have the courage to stand up for themselves. She helps parents, spouses, and families envision their new normal outside of the legal process.

Patricia B. Fournier

As a partner of Fournier Law, Patricia brings four decades of experience in family law to the firm. Whether your family law case involves custody, asset division, alimony or other issues, she will work hard to get results for you.