Top Ways to Choose a Family Law Attorney

If you are facing a divorce, you probably have several questions and don’t know where to turn. Since most people do not have prior experience with divorces, it’s important to find the best Tallahassee divorce lawyer for your case. With an experienced Tallahassee family law attorney, the dissolution of your marriage will be less-expensive and much faster. On the other hand, the wrong lawyer could result in a long, drawn-out emotional and financial nightmare. It’s important to know what to look for in an attorney for your divorce or family law issues. Check out the following tips designed to help you choose the best family law attorney for your divorce.

Tallahassee Family Law Lawyer Referrals

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to find a Tallahassee divorce lawyer is by referrals. To get started, you can ask your friends, family members, coworkers, or anyone else in your community who may have had a similar marriage dissolution. If you are unable to get referrals through people you know, the Internet offers a smorgasbord of competent divorce attorneys in Tallahassee. Another great tool is to get social proof through social media, such as Twitter or Google+.

The Style of the Tallahassee Family Law Attorney

In most cases, clients rely on their divorce attorney to do much more than simply review their paperwork. Many clients find comfort in sharing intimate details about their personal life, finances, and marriage. As a result, it’s important you are comfortable with the family law attorney’s style. You may also want to ensure your attorney in Tallahassee shares a similar basic philosophy or attitude toward the divorce. For example, if you want to have an amicable Tallahassee divorce, you should undoubtedly avoid lawyers who are known for “going for the jugular.” In this case, someone who is cooperative, calm, and as non adversarial as possible would be better suited. In any case, it’s important you don’t confuse your divorce lawyer with your religious advisor or therapist.

The Affordability of a Tallahassee Divorce Lawyer

When learning how to find a Tallahassee divorce attorney, it’s vital to consider the cost. If you do not have much money for legal help, you may consider a less experienced attorney instead of a seasoned professional. Simply put, divorce attorneys who have years of experience tend to cost more than a new attorney. Some divorce lawyers are willing to take a flat fee based on an estimation of the time it will take to execute the divorce. However, estimating the time up front is relatively difficult because no one knows how much time it will take to execute the divorce. The most likely situation is to find a family law attorney who is willing to work the case on a flat-fee basis only if the divorce is 100% amicable. In this case, the Tallahassee attorney’s work should be spelled out and well defined, such as filling out paperwork and filing it with the court. In any case, the amount the lawyer will charge is contingent on your geographic region as well as whether you live in an urban or rural community.

Choose the Best Tallahassee Family Law Attorneys at FNW Law Office 

When choosing the best Tallahassee family law attorney, experience is paramount. Since several issues can arise in a family law case, you must be able to trust the experience of your attorney. The lawyers at FNW Law Office bring a wealth of over 40 years of experience practicing family law, including:

  • Tallahassee family law mediation
  • Tallahassee alimony lawyer
  • Tallahassee child custody attorney
  • Tallahassee child support cases
  • Tallahassee marital asset division
  • LGBT marriage and adoption 
  • Tallahassee parenting plans
  • Tallahassee criminal defense attorneys concerning domestic abuse issues
  • And more

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