Top 10 Reasons Marriages End in Divorce

In the United States, getting married is seen as a right of passage and momentous occasion. According to the American Psychological Association, 90% of people in Western cultures marry by the age 50. Marriages have been proven to be healthy for the mental and physical health of couples. In addition, marriages have proven to have a positive impact on children. Simply put, when children grow up in happy homes, it’s proven to protect them from several social, educational, and mental problems.

Regardless of all of the benefits of marriage, a staggering 40 to 50% of U.S. marriages end up needing a divorce attorney. When you factor in subsequent marriages, this percentage is even higher. In either case, it’s important to do everything possible to prevent your marriage from needing the services of a divorce attorney. For starters, you can understand the warning signs that your marriage may be in trouble. The following information explains the top reasons marriages end up in divorce.

1. No Communication

When you and your spouse stop communicating, you are well on your way to having to communicate through a family law attorney. The most common reasons marriages end is because of the breakdown of communication. As the communication breaks down, distance is quickly created and feelings are no longer shared. For your relationship to remain healthy, you must express your feelings and the lines of communication must remain open.

2. Finances

When it comes to marriages, money most definitely talks and speaks louder than most of the other factors. If money has become a constant topic of disagreement in your marriage, the next topic may be discussed in the company of a divorce attorney. As a matter of fact, there are several financial signs your spouse may already be speaking to their own family law lawyer. 

3. Feelings of Constraint

In many cases, one person in the marriage may feel as if the other person is holding them back from taking opportunities and reaching their goals. When your partner fails to support you and your aspirations, they are essentially failing to support the marriage. In this case, consulting with your divorce attorney may be your best and only solution. 

4. Trust

Trust is one of the most quintessential components to having a successful and healthy marriage. If your marriage lacks trust, it’s highly unlikely to survive. As a result, you may be forced to speak to a Florida attorney about dissolving the marriage.

5. Great Unmet Expectations

When great expectations are set, they can put an unrealistic level of stress and strain on the relationship. As a result, these expectations can directly lead to a major personality conflict, which causes one spouse to refuse to sacrifice their comfort and time. Great unmet expectations have paved the pathway to many family lawyers.

6. Unmet Desires or Needs

It’s an undeniable fact everyone has different wants and needs. When it comes to a marriage, each party must consider and make an attempt to fulfill the needs and desires of the other party. If you or your partner refuse to acknowledge the desires and interests of each other, these irreconcilable differences may be the cause of a visit to your family law attorney.

7. Abrupt Lifestyle Changes

Life is undoubtedly all about adapting to several quick and often unfavorable changes. When couples are unable to compromise or meet in the middle, the only solution may be for a divorce lawyer to work out the differences. In some cases, a dissolution of the marriage with a family law lawyer may be the only solution.

8. Insecurity

The majority of time insecurities and jealousy directly lead to fights. At the same time, these issues can quickly cause severe questioning of the other party’s intentions, which can place a significant dent in the trust factor in a relationship. When insecurities and jealousy runs rampant in a marriage, the most likely solution is often reached through a divorce with the assistance of a attorney.

9. Cultural and Religious Differences

Far too often, couples marry in full acknowledgment of the other party’s differences of culture or religious beliefs. While opposites often attract, these factors can and will cause rifts in the marriage when it comes to child rearing. When one or both parties are not willing to adapt, practice, or at least respect the other party’s beliefs; this can be an undeniable deal breaker. As a result, irreconcilable cultural and religious differences can commonly lead to a consultation with a family law attorney.

10. Abuse

In any case, abusive relationships cause long term havoc on all of the parties involved. If you have been in a relationship where your partner is controlling or abusive in any manner, this problem should be confronted in the company of a family law attorney, friend, or trusted family member. However, in most cases of domestic abuse, you will have to seek a dissolution of the marriage

A Divorce Attorney Should Be the Last Option

Although having to speak with a divorce attorney may not be the most pleasurable experience, sometimes it’s the only way. While children do benefit from married households, a child will not benefit from unhappy or abusive households. If your marriage is facing one or all of the previous issues, it’s best to try to open the lines of communication through a professional marriage counselor before you consider divorce. However, sometimes the differences are too great to overcome and a divorce seems to the be the only solution.

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