Tips for Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Typically, going through divorce mediation with a Florida certified divorce mediator is the much more economical and sensible decision. A divorce mediator is a neutral party that doesn’t exclusively work for either you or your ex-spouse. The mediator’s job is to assist you and your ex-spouse in coming up with solutions that will lead to acceptable agreements. However, not all divorce mediators are created equally. As a result, it’s important for the success of your mediation to choose your mediator wisely. The following information is designed to assist you in choosing the best Tallahassee divorce mediator to guide you through the process.

Understand the Fees

Simply put, the cost of divorce can be overwhelming. However, mediation is often the much more cost-efficient way of getting a divorce. When you choose a Tallahassee family law mediator, make sure you understand all of the fees for the services they provide. The majority of mediators do require payment after every session. Some mediators will also require an upfront retainer before the process begins. In any case, it’s imperative you have a trustworthy mediator who is able to explain all of the associated fees and you understand them.

The Mediator’s Style

The process of the mediation can vary greatly depending on the mediator you choose. It’s imperative you understand the mediator’s process and their approach. While some meditators are intensely directive, others choose to engage in a more facilitative approach, which empowers the couple to make their own choices through discussion and deft questioning. Simply put, neither approach is wrong, but they are different. As a result, you should choose a mediator who will closely mirror the method in which you and your spouse are most comfortable.

Experience in Mediation

One of keys to a successful mediation is a Tallahassee divorce attorney with experience mediating spouses. When you choose your divorce mediator, it’s important to choose a Tallahassee family law attorney who primarily practices family law and divorce mediation. These legal professionals are undoubtedly your best alternative. On the other hand, you should steer clear of attorneys who are versed and practice many legal disciplines. Due to the regularly changing Florida family divorce laws, it’s best to choose a mediator with extensive and exclusive experience.

Substantive Knowledge

In any case, remarkable interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are highly valuable traits in a mediator. However, it’s also important your divorce mediator have substantial experience mediating the principle issues in your case. For example, if your case involves child custody issues or parenting issues with a special needs child, a mediator with particular insight on these types of issues could be invaluable. Another common area requiring substantial knowledge are complex financial issues, such as spousal maintenance planning, retirement valuation, stock options assessment, and business division. These issues are highly complex and will benefit greatly from a Tallahassee mediator who has experience and comfort mediating issues with tax planning and intricate financial implications.

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