Survival Guide for Divorcees

While some people think of Valentine’s Day as a Roman pagan holiday, others believe it’s the celebration of a Christian holiday. No matter how or where you believe it began, Valentine’s Day represents a glorious day for lovers. On the other hand, it represents the Love-Zombie Apocalypse for singles and divorcees. For recent divorcees, surviving the first single Valentine’s day can be a seemingly daunting task with all the love zombies walking around thirsting for chocolate and candied hearts. Although surviving Valentine’s Day may not be the same as suriving a zombie invasion, the following Tallahassee Attorney Survival Guide for Divorcees offers a few insightful tips to help keep you safe. 

The Gift of Giving

While it’s often not suggested to be selfish, today is the day you should be! Buy yourself something nice. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or the really cool sweater you have been eyeing, a little retail therapy is an excellent way to chase the Valentine blues away. Another great idea is to make a list of all of the people you love and surprise them with a thoughtful gift. With the notion of “it’s better to give than receive,” you can occupy your Valentine’s Day by hand-delivering a bunch of gifts.

Start a Bonfire

If you are holding on to a bunch of old Valentine’s Day cards, this year is the excellent time to get rid of them by starting a bonfire. You can do it in your backyard with a circle of stones or in your fireplace. Get rid of those old memories by tossing them one by one into the fire and watch the flames road. Simply put, burn those old memories before they can burn you.

Go Out With Single Friends

More than likely, you’ve still got a couple single friends. Keep in mind, it’s not that unusual or odd to be single on Valentine’s Day. As a result, it’s a great idea to wrangle up a few of your single friends and go out as a group. You can also check out the Tallahassee local single’s scene to find events designed specifically for you.

Get Physical

Instead of laying around feeling sorry for yourself, it’s a great idea to get physical. You could go for a run, play a sport or get into Yoga. One of the best ways to keep ill feelings away is to exercise. When you exercise, you release your body’s natural endorphins, which are your feel good hormones. Simply put, the goal is to try anything other than laying around feeling sorry for yourself.

Things to Avoid

Being Over Dressed

If you think that you should look like a million bucks on Valentine’s Day, then you may be in for a million questions. Chances are you will be ready to karate chop the fourth person who asks you, “So what are your big plans for tonight?”

Avoid the TV

In addition to all of the lovey-dovey movies, TV is flooded with several Sleeping in Seattle type of movies that aren’t the best option for recent divorcees. You may want to avoid most types of media on this day, especially the radio.

Say No To Flowers

Simply put, flowers are extremely expensive this time of the year. While you may think its a great idea to send yourself flowers at work, it’s a better idea to wait until next week when your coworkers aren’t getting any.

Don’t Hook Up

Although it may seem like a good option, two lonely and nameless strangers hooking up will not help. It will just make you have less self respect for yourself in the morning.

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