Great Tips for Dealing with the Stress of a Divorce

Going through a divorce typically brings a wealth of negative emotions. Many of these emotions can result in stress that affects your ability to do your normal day-to-day activities.  One of the best ways to reduce this stress is to have a reliable Tallahassee divorce attorney working to protect your interests. At the same time, you can the following tips to better handle the stress associated with a separation.

Pay Attention to Your Emotional Needs

Although at times you may feel as if your Florida family law attorney is your counselor, they are not. It’s best to find a therapist or support group to help you process those raw and jagged emotions. In times of emotional strife, a little therapy can mean a lot.

Let Go

During a divorce, you will most likely be confronted with painful or uncomfortable situations. A great practice is to learn to step away from the situation to figure out what’s best for you and then return to it. Simply put, you must stay focused on the things you have control over and allow your Tallahassee family law lawyer handle the rest.  

Allow Yourself to Feel

Whether your thoughts and emotions are negative or positive, they’re still your emotions. More importantly, these emotions and feelings do not make you a bad person. It’s important to keep in mind that how you handle those emotions play an overwhelming factor in your quality of life. Make sure you are not drowning them out by taking drugs or drinking. In addition, make sure your feelings do not drive you to play the victim, seek revenge, or turn abusive toward the other spouse. Instead, find someone who you can safely vent to and release those emotions.

Get Physical

When going through a stressful situation, you can find an amazing amount of comfort in working out. Working out releases your body’s natural feel good hormones or endorphins. As a result, physical activity is an excellent way to relieve anger, anxiety, and simply feel better about your physical and mental self.

Write About It

During strong emotions periods, a pen and pad can be your best friend. To get started, simply grab a pen and let it bleed with your emotions and feelings. Afterwards, you can read what you wrote, and it may improve your understanding of how you feel or even provide healthy solutions. While you may not pen the next literary great work, you can use this vehicle as a healthy way to clear your mind, understand your emotions, and bring a little clarity to a situation of mass confusion.

Easy Does It

It’s highly common for people going through divorces to make quick brash decisions. However, it’s best to make these decisions after you have thoroughly reviewed all of the consequences. As a result, you should try to avoid making any major decisions until you have a clear mind and are able to analyze the situation.


Simply put, you cannot control the actions or feelings of another person. Although many people think they may have had control during the marriage, this isn’t true. This fact becomes even more clear during the divorce. It’s best to relinquish the notion that you can control any facet of what your spouse may do or what they feel. In other words, you must throw your expectations for the outcome out of the window and learn to accept what may happen.


It’s important to allow yourself the time to heal from the separation and all of the feelings of loss that accompany it. Although it can be difficult and may take some time, make an effort to look at yourself and take ownership of your responsibility in the issues that may have led to the divorce. In the end, you must forgive yourself and your spouse to prevent those old issues from being carried over into new relationships.

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