Digital Private Investigators and Family Law

While everyone has heard of a private investigator, digital private investigators are growing in popularity for family law and other cases in Tallahassee. Private investigators typically conduct the fieldwork by photographing people in specific events or conducting surveillance. On the other hand, digital private investigators are much more focused on collecting digital evidence. This information could be used in family law cases, and a wide array of other cases. Continue reading to learn more about a few of the top ways digital private investigators in Tallahassee uncover the information for clients and courts.  

Mobile Phone Record Analysis

Even when you delete call records, text messages, calendar changes, and other memos, a digital investigator can retrieve this information. This type of information can inform the courts of various pieces of information, such as:

  • Who the individual has contacted
  • The date the contact happened
  • The content of the conversation
  • The time the contact occurred

If phone records are subpoenaed, a digital investigator could examine the data for the courts. For instance, conversations that continually happy during certain times, such as nights, could indicate infidelity.

Website Review and Research

Digital private investigators used for family law in Tallahassee commonly track websites to determine whether an individual has a presence. It’s very common for private investigators to scour personal advertisement sites, escort sites, even dating sites to determine whether an individual has an email address associated with a profile. This information can be used in divorces to substantiate other information in suspected adultery cases.

Social Media Review


With the overwhelming explosion of social media onto the scene, it has become a common repository for cheating spouses and one of the leading causes of divorce. As a result, digital private investigators routinely check social media for an individual’s online presence. Private investigators check for posts made on the pages of friends, their own page, public pages,and various other sources. Then, if relevant information is found, it can be printed out and used during the Tallahassee family law or criminal law proceedings. At the same time, private investigators can use social media to simply gather more information to be used to confront the other party.

Reverse Image Searches

Digital private investigators can also perform searches online for pictures. This practice is commonly used in the hitMTV series CatfishBy performing a reverse search for pictures, search engine crawlers are able to scour social media pages and more for specific images. These images may be used in family law cases in Tallahassee to prove an individual’s whereabouts or as a component of an adultery case.

Computer and Smartphone Evidence

Tallahassee digital private investigators and forensic computer examiners can also go through an individual’s, photos, documents, videos, and any other data to find vital information. If a spouse has conducted a search on a public or shared computer, it’s possible the investigator can search this device for evidence. It’s very common for a private investigator to review browsing history on computers or smartphones to start the process. In many cases, the Tallahassee private investigator uncovers information intentionally hidden or deleted. This technical process entails discovering residual data and other Windows artifacts. Tallahassee investigators can also analyze web usage to find out the common sites the individual visited and how he or she used the system.

Electronically Store Information

Tallahassee digital private investigators can also analyze electronically-stored information to determine why it was stored, when it was stored, and how the information was stored. Through various recovery strategies, investigators in Tallahassee are able to retrieve information that was thought to be deleted by searching allocated hard drive space, slack space, and various other places that are not visible to users. Zip drives, hard drives, and backup storage media can also be searched. Simply put, Tallahassee digital private investigators are trained to search any device that can store media, including:

  • CDs
  • Smartphones
  • Emails
  • Files
  • Cloud drives

Tallahassee Digital Private Investigators in Court

As a component of their job, digital private investigators may be called to provide testimony in Tallahassee family law and Tallahassee criminal law depositions, court hearings, and at other proceedings. Tallahassee digital private investigators may be called to explain their strategies of collecting information and explain how their strategies complies with the laws and rules within the appropriate jurisdiction.

Contact the Premier Team of Family Law in  Tallahassee

In any case, digital private investigators have changed the landscape of Tallahassee family law and criminal law proceedings. With the wide span of electronic and digital technologies available, investigators are able to use these technologies to determine infidelity and more. However, every state has different requirements and laws that private investigators must use. If you have questions about using digital private investigators in your family law case or any other legal matter, contact Fournier Law today.


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