Can Social Media Lead to a Divorce?

Recently, several studies have emerged that suggest the negative implications of social media.  Specifically, it appears social media networks are one of the premier ways to end up across the table from your spouse with a Tallahassee divorce attorney. According to a family law attorney at Slater and Gordon, Andrew Newbury, “Social media is the new marriage minefield. Social media, specifically pictures and posts on Facebook, are now being routinely raised in divorces.” Since social media networks are more than likely here to stay, it’s important to how social media could affect your marriage. Continue reading to learn more about the implications of social media networks on Tallahassee family law.

Facebook and Twitter: The New Threat

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Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have become significant threats to marriage. Although five years ago, social media was rarely ever mentioned in the context of a Tallahassee divorce, today it’s one of the top reasons people visitTallahassee family law attorneys. According to a survey by Censuswide of 2,011 wives and husbands, the most common reason for checking a spouse’s social accounts is to discover who they were talking to, where the spouse is going, and who they were meeting. The study revealed:

  • 33% of married people keep their social media login information secret from their partners
  • 25% of married people said their social media suspicions led to arguments at least once a week.
  • 17% of married people said their social media suspicions led to arguments daily.
  • 14% of married people said they checked their spouse’s social media account with intentions of finding some type of adultery evidence.

Is Social Media Really the Problem?

In reality, Tallahassee divorces originating from social media seems to come down to trust or the lack of trust in already unstable marriages. If your spouse feels the need to have constant access to your social media accounts, it usually offers too much of a temptation to go searching around. Even if a married couple is completely happy, curiosity can get the better and cause them to open a can of worms that can’t be closed, such as the inbox. In any case, social media can cause problems with happy couples happy and couples in peril. Social media serves as a constant stream of ammunition that can easily be used, if they choose.

Snapchatting for Trouble


Undoubtedly, one of the biggest Pandora’s boxes for couples on social media is Snapchat. Snapchat is inherently designed to be secretive. Your spouse could be sending tons of sexy and provocative photos to someone else, and you may never find the evidence because it simply disappears. According to a self-proclaimed cheating expert, Snapchat is the premier way for a cheater to cover their tracks. However, simply having Snapchat on your phone could make your partner even more suspicious of your activities.


How Can Social Media Lead to a Divorce in Tallahassee?

The majority of the Tallahassee family law problems arising from social media are caused by contact with exes or posting insensitive photographs. When one person gets frustrated by a comment or picture and then goes looking for more evidence, it begins a snowball effect of suspicious behavior. If the other partner gets hip to the snooping, they will most likely change the password, which will only make the other partner more suspicious. The premise is simple, if you are searching for something, then you will more than likely find it, which hardly ever leads to a positive place.

How to Prevent Social Media from Leading to a Divorce in Tallahassee?


Just like a text message can be mistaken or misconstrued, anything you find on your significant other’s Facebook wall or Twitter account can be taken the wrong way. So you can do yourself a huge favor and communicate directly with your spouse.If you see something you have a question about on your spouse’s social media account, talk to them instead of trying to play detective, especially if you are happy in your relationship. In the end, it could prevent you from having to provide an explanation for how the funny emoji landed you in front of a Tallahassee family law attorney.

Contact the Premier Team of Tallahassee Divorce Attorneys

If you believe your spouse is cheating, it’s best to speak directly to them. However, if you know your spouse is cheating, it’s best to speak to an experienced Tallahassee family law attorney at FNW Law Office. At FNW Law Office, our Tallahassee divorce attorneys offer over 60 years of experience in a wide variety of Tallahassee family law issues, including:

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