7 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do in a Child Custody Case

A divorce affects everyone involved, especially the children. While adults may be able to properly navigate through the barrage of emotions, children typically don’t have the same emotional aptitude or emotional tools. As a result, it’s important for parents to do as much as possible to reduce the overall emotional hazard of a divorce. Continue reading to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be doing in a child custody battle or a divorce.

You Should…

Be Punctual on Visits

In life, things will always come up. However, it’s important to continue to put your child first. In the event there is a major problem and you have to reschedule, make sure you are considerate and provide as much notice as you can.

Reassure The Child

It’s vital in a child custody battle to continue to offer your children reassurance that both Dad and Mom will always love them, no matter what happens. In addition, you should make sure you take the time to listen to your child and effectively address their feelings. You can also check out a list of good books designed to help you explain the divorce to your child.

Make Sure You Keep a Schedule for the Tallahassee Child Custody Case 

Most Tallahassee divorce attorneys and divorce support literature will suggest you attempt to maintain the child’s regular routine as much as possible. Although a divorce is full of change, it’s imperative you do your best to avoid uprooting the child and completely changing their schedule. This means you should make a schedule and do your best to make sure you adhere to this schedule.

Continue to Communicate Throughout the Tallahassee Child Custody Case 

In the thick of a child custody battle, communication is key, regardless of how difficult it may be. This means you should always allow your ex-partner to communicate and talk to the children on a regular basis. At the same time, it’s vital you communicate openly and honestly to your Tallahassee child custody attorney. Keep in mind, your Tallahassee attorney is your ally. It’s best if you are open and honest with your child custody attorney so they will be prepared for all events with as few surprises as possible.

Use Discretion When Introducing New Partners to Children

To prevent the emotional hazard of people coming in and out of your child’s life, you should use serious discretion when introducing your children to new partners. Only introduce your children to new partners if the relationship is serious. Then, you should try to gradually try to introduce your partner to your child in a neutral territory, instead of the home.

Make Sure You Take Care of Yourself

If you are a single parent, it can be overwhelming, and you will undoubtedly need time to adjust with the change. In any case, you will be a much better parent and role model to your child when you are mentally sound and taking care of yourself.

Tell Them It’s Not Their Fault

In the event of a divorce, it’s common for the child to blame themselves. However, you can curtail this thought process by telling them that the separation isn’t their fault.

You Should Not….

Talk Poorly About Your Ex-Spouse 

No matter how pissed you get at your ex-spouse, you should never badmouth your previous partner in front of the children. When you do, you put your children in a position between the two of you and make your child take sides.

Fight in Front of Your Children During the Tallahassee Child Custody Case 

Simply put, you should avoid fighting in front of your child. If the child is around, simply end the conversation. If you do fight in front of the child, you will again be making the child take sides. You children should not be involved in your fights.

Use Your Children As Spies

You shouldn’t ask your children about who Dad or Mom is dating. In all reality, you shouldn’t even be focusing on who your spouse is dating. If you are concerned about your spouse introducing other partners to your child, make sure you discuss this issue with your Tallahassee child custody attorney.

Shower Your Child with Gifts to Win Their Affecting

Although it may be very tempting to become a Disney parent, you shouldn’t shower them with gifts to win their affection. On the other hand, your child needs your attention and quite time. It’s best to be interested in all of the facets of their life, such as their homework, activities and friends.

Turn to Your Child for Emotional Support

If you need emotional support, speak to your divorce attorney in Tallahassee for more information or suggestions about local support groups. On the other hand, you can always turn to your family and friends for support or even a professional therapists. However, it’s a bad idea to turn to your child for emotional support.

Use Your Children as Messengers

You shouldn’t’ use your children to deliver messages, money or anything else. Your child isn’t a go-between and shouldn’t be used as such. If you are having problems communicating, discuss the most effective methods with your Tallahassee attorney.

Discuss the Details of the Divorce to Your Children

While it’s necessary to explain to your child that you are separating, you shouldn’t discuss much more with the child. In other words, it’s not a good idea to discuss financial matters with or in front of the children.

Attempt to Turn Your Child Against the Ex-Spouse

In any case, your ex-spouse is still your child’s parent. More importantly, it will be highly damaging to the child if you attempt to turn them against your ex-spouse. The majority of the time, this cantankerous practice backfires in the end.

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