5 Divorce Tips from a Family Law Attorney

Choosing to file for a divorce in Florida is a gargantuan decision, while actually surviving your divorce or separation in Tallahassee is a completely different challenge. Whether you want an amicable divorce in Tallahassee or if you are looking to go to war, there are certain things you can do to help yourself through the divorce. Continue reading for five tips to get through your divorce or other family law issue in Tallahassee.

Be Honest with Your Tallahassee Family Law Attorney

In any case, it’s imperative for you to be completely possible with your Tallahassee family law attorney. Your divorce attorney in Tallahassee is on your side and your strongest ally, which means your role in this relationship is to be honest. If your family law attorney in Tallahassee doesn’t know about your concerns, they can’t help you. Most Tallahassee divorce attorneys agree the worst thing that can happen is to go to a trial or a hearing and learn something negative about their client for the first time. In this instance, your family law attorney has little to no time to prepare your defense.

Most Tallahassee family law lawyers require a specific amount of information every time a new client comes into the office. This may be a relatively lengthy questionnaire covering everything from previous relationships to parenting and other aspects of the marriage. While these questions may seem arbitrary, it’s vital to provide your divorce attorney in Tallahassee with as much information as possible. In the end, it pays significant dividends to be totally honest with your divorce lawyer, whether it’s good or bad.

Be Prepared to Wait

One of the most common misconceptions is that divorces can be resolved quickly, which is only true in rare cases of an amicable Tallahassee divorce. However, most Tallahassee divorce attorneys will tell you upfront that divorces are lengthy procedures. Depending on the complexity and number of issues involved in your family law Tallahassee issue, a divorce could last six to 12 months, or even longer. As a result, it’s important to be patient with the process and trust your Tallahassee family law attorney.

Be Prepared to Be Uncomfortable

Simply put, divorce isn’t friendly. It’s important to understand your ex-spouse’s Tallahassee divorce attorney may ask you relatively invasive questions as a part of the discovery process. While some questions may frighten you or make you feel uneasy, you should always discuss your concerns with your own Tallahassee attorney.

Know Your Tallahassee Divorce Attorney

As previously mentioned, it’s vital to the success of your divorce to be honest with your Tallahassee family law lawyer. However, it’s almost as important for your Tallahassee family law attorney to be honest with you. It’s key to understand what your divorce attorney is doing. If you have a question for your Tallahassee divorce attorney, make sure you ask and everything is explained to your satisfaction. Your Tallahassee family law attorney’s attitude should be, “If you have something that you don’t agree with or understand, we will talk about it.”  Once you feel more comfortable asking your divorce lawyer questions about the process, your mind will be put at ease. At the same time, when you understand what is going on and why it is happening, it will also help you deal with the divorce.

Understand the Stress Involved with a Tallahassee Divorce

Unfortunately, there are far more messy and stressful divorces than there are amicable divorces in Tallahassee. Most people think when they finally determine they need a divorce, the worst part is over. Although this is a tough decision, it will most likely get tougher, especially if your divorce involves child custody issues, significant assets, or other similar items. As a result of the stress from the divorce, you may want to consider some type of counseling to help you process the change and settle. Another way to reduce the amount of stress of the divorce is to understand how to find the best Tallahassee family law attorney who has experience with the specific issues in your divorce. For example, if children are involved, you should find a family law attorney in Tallahassee that has experience as a child custody attorney. Choosing the best divorce attorney in Tallahassee along with counseling are two ways you can minimize the stress associated with a divorce.

Regardless of whether you have a contested or amicable divorce in Tallahassee, it’s a stressful process. Because it’s such a gargantuan change, it’s important for anyone entering a divorce to plan, find the most experienced family law attorney in Tallahassee, and get support. When you take all of this into consideration and utilize the previously mentioned tips, you can minimize the stress of your divorce and transition into the new phase of your life.

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